We are a group of Moffat residents who believe our Community deserves an  additional information source about the Scoop Hill Wind Farm proposal.

Turbine foundations being laid at Aikengall IIa Community Wind Farm


  • To oppose plans for very large wind farms in and around the town of Moffat, such as the Scoop Hill wind farm development.

  • To support renewable energy projects in Annandale which are fit for scale and fit for purpose.

  • To support social, environmental and economic sustainability in Annandale.

  • To advance environmental protection or improvement in Annandale.

  • To advance the education of the public, and in particular the communities of Moffat and surrounding districts, in the subject of wind energy and other renewable energy sources

  • To raise awareness of this area with regard to its historical, environmental and cultural heritage

 Save Our Hills Moffat believe  that while wind energy is an important part of the renewable energy mix, the proliferation of windfarms in Dumfries and Galloway is in danger of overwhelming the countryside, changing our horizons and leaving a legacy of consequences that were never envisaged.

Dumfries and Galloway and the immediate surrounding area already has 1,000 MW of installed wind farm capacity while the demand for electricity in the region is less than 100 MW. In other words, we are  producing far more than we use and indeed are substantial exporters of electricity to England and elsewhere.


This comes at a considerable cost to our own local traditional industries, especially agriculture and tourism, and is desecrating our countryside.