What will Scoop Hill look like?

The developers, CWL, won't let us reproduce their images for copyright reasons.

The best we can do is link you to some of the photomontages on their website. You will have to download them to view them on your computer. Apologies if you find it difficult to spot the turbines. The resolution and lighting is such that the turbines are not very visible.


This has been pointed out to them and their reply is:

"The documents that are available to download from the Energy Consents Unit website (available here https://www.energyconsents.scot/ApplicationDetails.aspx?cr=ECU00000533)  are high quality and do not pixelate unduly when the image is zoomed in."

Additionally, as there are 271 individual documents on this with no search function or index, finding a particular viewpoint is far from easy.

Or visit: https://www.scoophillwindfarm.co.uk/planning-documentation and download


It's only 149 pages to scroll through.

If you want to see what Scoop Hill will look like from the High Street in Moffat, you really want to look at page 69. And the riverside walk - pages 73 and 74.


Or why not make it easier on yourself and simply email info@scoophillwindfarm.co.uk and ask them to send you a copy of Viewpoint 9: Moffat High Street.  Or Viewpoint 10, the view you will see from the riverside walk; especially the night time view, when the turbines will be lit.