Key Elements of Scoop Hill


  • 75 turbines – most between 200 and 250 metres high. A height only previously used offshore.

  • Nearest turbines will be 3 miles SE of Moffat

  • Will cover 22 square miles of Annandale Hills

  • Will be visible from Moffat, Beattock, Lockerbie, Lochmaben and the M74

  • Nearly 45 years lifecycle – 18 months construction; 40 years in use; 2 years decommissioning

  • 150  x concrete, steel and stone turbine foundations and crane hardstands - left in situ

  • Installed Capacity 525 Mega Watts – anticipated to operate at a capacity factor in the region of 50%

  • Once operational, 11 full-time permanent staff will be employed

  • Community benefit payments  - £500,000 per annum to be divided between the six affected communities, over 40 years

Key Questions


  • How comfortable are you living on the edge of the 2nd largest windfarm in the UK, with 800ft high turbines, only 3 miles from Moffat?

  • Would you find it disconcerting that the gently rotating blades of the turbines are actually travelling at up to 180 miles per hour at the blade tips? 

  • How do you feel that an array of giant turbines will be the gateway to Scotland for visitors travelling the main arterial route (A74M) to the Highlands?

  • How happy are you that the development is within a low-flying zone; and turbines will be fitted with aviation lighting which could impact Moffat Dark Skies?

  • What is your opinion on the estimated collision risk for Golden Eagles, which could wipe out 1/3rd of our current population in under four years?

  • How do you feel about 155 acres (63 hectares) of hills being used for permanent land take of hard-standings, etc.?

  • Did you know that Constraints Payments are paid to wind farm operators to switch off their turbines at times of high production but low demand? £220 million plus was paid in 2020 alone.

  • Are you aware that 39% of jobs in Moffat depend on tourism?

  • Are you happy that Dumfries and Galloway is already one of the most heavily wind farmed areas in Scotland?