• Jim Paterson

The Red Light District

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I have counted about 559 red light sources in the complete proposal for Scoop Hill.

  • At the Observatory and all Moffat residential windows with a south to south east unobstructed view if the hills will see 41 red light sources

  • Viewpoint 10 A701 river bridge north end of Moffat will see 38 red light sources

  • Viewpoint 12 top of Devils Beeftub will see more than 75 red light sources

  • Viewpoint 8 Crooked Brae Above Beattock will see 186 red light sources

So if you want to see Moffat and Beattock being renamed "The Red Light District of the Southern Uplands" just do nothing.

Closing date for objections to the Energy Consents Unit in Glasgow is 17th March 2021.


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