Scoop Hill Wind Farm

Wind Turbines


Turbines 180 to 250 metres high

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) on a Br

We have significant concerns about … golden eagles through collision risk, habitat loss, the potential for complete abandonment  of a territory and impact on roost sites. ...... we object to this application.


RSPB, 22 Jan 2021

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miles from Moffat along these hills

Scottish Ministers have granted an extension until 28 February 2022 for Dumfries and Galloway Council to reply to the Scoop Hill Planning Application.

In line with Schedule 8 of the Electricity Act 1989, Scottish Ministers are required to consider any “objections” received, including those made by the planning authority, in their considerations on whether to cause a public inquiry. For those consultees or members of the public that wish to provide a representation of objection, and for it to be included in Scottish Minsters considerations at this stage regarding public inquiry, Scottish Ministers would require receipt by the planning authority’s response deadline.


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If you want more information on Scoop Hill read our Briefing Document here

Key Questions

  • How comfortable are you living on the edge of one of the largest windfarms in the UK, with 800ft high turbines, only 3 miles from Moffat?

  • Would you find it disconcerting that the gently rotating blades of the turbines are actually traveling at up to 180 miles per hour at the blade tips? 

  • How do you feel that an array of giant turbines will be the gateway to Scotland for visitors travelling the main arterial route (A74M) to the Highlands?

  • How happy are you that the development is within a low-flying zone; and turbines will be fitted with aviation lighting which could impact Moffat Dark Skies?

  • What is your opinion of the collision risk for golden eagles, calculated to be 1 bird every 3.64 years?..

  • How do you feel about 63 hectares of hills being used for  the permanent land take of hard standings?

  • Did you know that Constraints Payments are paid to wind farm operators to switch off their turbines at times of high production but low demand?

  • Are you aware that 39% of jobs in Moffat depend on tourism?

  • Are you happy that Dumfries and Galloway is already one of the most heavily wind farmed areas in Scotland? 

Key Elements

  • 75 turbines – most between 200 and 250 metres high  

  • Nearest turbines will be 3 miles SE of Moffat

  • Will cover 22 square miles of Annandale Hills

  • Will be visible from Moffat, Beattock, Lockerbie,  Lochmaben and the M74

  • Nearly 45 years lifecycle – 18 months construction; 40 years in use; 2 years decommissioning

  • 40 miles of access tracks will be constructed and left in situ

  • Installed Capacity 525 Mega Watts – anticipated to operate at a capacity factor in the region of 50%

  • Once operational, 11 full-time permanent staff will be employed

  • Community benefit payments  - £500,000 per annum to be divided between the six affected communities, over 40 years