Letter of Objection for Scoop Hill Wind Farm

If you would like to register an objection to Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm, follow the simple steps below to write your objection and email it directly to the Energy Consents Unit at Scottish Government.

How to email your objection

Create a new email and address it to representations@gov.scot  Write the following in the subject box of your email: Objection to Scoop Hill Wind Farm (ECU00000533)

Please clearly state that you object to this project;

Either write your own email with reasons for why you object to the development, or utilise some of the points from the box opposite.

At the end of your email, it is important to include:

 Your full name

 Your home address including post code


Happier to use Microsoft Word?

Alternatively If you are familiar with Word, you can open the more formal letter attached and save it to your computer. You can then personalise it, not forgetting your name and address.

When you have finished, you can open a new email to representations@gov.scot and simply attach your Word document to the email and press send.

Owing to Covid restrictions, whilst letters may be submitted in the normal way, you are encouraged where possible to do so electronically rather than in paper form at this time.

If you have questions or encounter any difficulties with the above, do not hesitate to give us a call on 07434769282.

Reasons for objecting to Scoop Hill Wind Farm

  • The location and scale of this proposal is totally inappropriate and defies Scottish Government Planning Policy's stated aim “to achieve the right development in the right place”. Should the development be permitted it would be akin to an industrial development at odds with this rural area.

  • The cumulative effect of an additional wind farm in this area will create a corridor-effect of wind farms sited on either side of Annandale, which will be highly visible  from major transport routes and settlement to the north; and where the Harestanes and Minnygap wind farms are more visible, this will extend the dominant effect of the Clyde wind farm.

  • I am concerned that according to the RSPB, “The southern Scotland population of golden eagle is extremely fragile and vulnerable to extinction, emphasised by the undertaking of a multi-million-pound reintroduction project supported by the Scottish Government. This development directly threatens the aims and success of that project.”

  • This wind farm proposal will detract from the approach to and the setting of Moffat town, a designated Conservation Area. Several of the turbines will be highly visible from Moffat High Street and Station Park both of which site buildings of historical interest.

  • VisitScotland stated: “for each site considered, an independent tourism impact assessment should be carried out. This assessment should be geographically sensitive and should consider the potential impact on any tourism offerings in the vicinity.” The developer has undertaken no specific research on the potential negative impact on tourism in Moffat and Beattock.

  • It is not convincing that long-term jobs will manifest themselves once the wind farm construction has finished. Rather any servicing which the wind farm requires is more likely to be undertaken by contractors based elsewhere responding to issues flagged by remote monitoring of the facility as per EIA Section 2 para 2.2.3.

  • CWL expresses laudable commitment to a “Buy Scottish” policy however it is unclear that the turbines themselves will be Scottish-industry sourced as currently there appear to be no Scottish manufacturers of the intended very large typology turbines.

  • Flooding downstream of the development is currently already high risk and the EIA states that the development could exacerbate the likelihood of flooding. The flood area includes residential areas, farmland, roads and the national rail network.

  • The proposed development will have a potentially adverse visual effect on the dark night-time rural environment. The required aviation lighting will imbue the area with an industrial appearance and render the wind farm visible from a great distance.